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What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is the process of filing either a C13-PLAN™ or a Chapter 7 PLAN. It is a legal proceeding where essentially you are asking the federal court for protection from your creditors regarding past Debts. When successfully completed, you will receive a discharge order that will protect you forever from any attempts from your creditors ever trying to collect on any Bills that were included in your C13-PLAN™.

Do I qualify for Bankruptcy?

All U.S. citizens, permanent residents and non-citizens with property interests in the U.S. are eligible to file for Bankruptcy. If your net income is higher than the medium income for the area where you live is higher, you may have to file a C13-PLAN™. If you net income is lower than the medium income for the area where you live, then you may be eligible to file a Chapter 7 PLAN. Net income is determined by the size of your family and the income and expenses that your family has. Keep in mind that about ninety-nine percent (99%) of all San Antonians qualify to either file a Chapter 7 PLAN or a Chapter 13 PLAN. Your attorney will discuss the specifics of your case at your Free Initial, No Obligation, Confidential Consultation.

How much does filing for Bankruptcy cost?

For a Chapter 7 PLAN, the court will charge $299. for the filing fee and $274. for the C13-PLAN™. Our attorney’s fee is usually paid to us over time under the C13-PLAN™ so many times our clients don’t have to pay anything up front. Our office will be glad to provide you a fee quote based on the facts of your case when you attend your Free Initial Consultation.

Will filing a C13-PLAN™ affect my credit?

Filing a C13-PLAN™ is considered a Bankruptcy since its protection stems from the Bankruptcy Code. Therefore, your credit report will show that you filed a Bankruptcy even though you are paying your Debt. Keep in mind that falling behind on your payments affects your credit just as much as if you file for a C13-PLAN™ because having good credit is not only having the ability to pay your Bills as they come due, but actually paying them as they do. So it is our opinion that filing a C13-PLAN™ will not affect you further, but actually help since you begin to re-establish your credit after you file. Keep in mind that ninety-nine (99%) percent of our clients get offers of new credit within a couple of months after completing their PLAN. Indeed there is new credit after Bankruptcy, however most of our clients who get these offers usually have to pay higher interest rates.

What is the address for Bankruptcy court?

Hipolito F. Garcia Federal Building and United States Courthouse

615 East Houston Street Room 137

San Antonio, Texas 78205

(210) 472-6720

(210) 472-5196 Fax

Mailing address: P.O. Box 1439, San Antonio, Texas 78295-1439

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